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This blog has already played host to some posts about using Power.ME within a GTD system (GTD stands for Getting Things Done, a book by productivity guru David Allen). One of the most interesting aspects of the GTD system is the idea of to-do lists based on context. Allen says, “[T]he best way to be […]

Power.ME for the iPhone and the iPod Touch is on sale now. It’s regularly priced at $19.99, but for the rest of the month, you can download Power.ME at 50% off, a mere $9.99. We want more of you have access to Power.ME’s dynamic, feature-packed app, so for those of you who don’t need the […]

We often hear from Power.ME users that they love being able to take their PDFs, text files, audio files, photos, and more everywhere they go using the Power.ME mobile app. They can organize all the reference and brainstorm materials they need into their projects and keep them interspersed with daily tasks. With the iPhone, iPod […]

As we mentioned last week, we’re very excited about the new 11.4.0 update to Power.ME. We hope you like the new features and that they help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently. If you’re updating your iPhone or iPad to version 11.4.0 from an earlier version of Power.ME or Power.ME HD, there is […]

In Part I of Conquering Your Inbox with Power.ME, we looked at how to manage the non-actionable items in your Everest of an inbox. Using the processing workflow diagram from David Allen’s Getting Things Done as a guide, you can continue your progress toward the enviable empty inbox. Allen defines “empty” status as any time […]

Many of you who are looking into using Power.ME have heard of David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done (and if you havent, you might want to consider investigating the guru for the “art of stress-free productivity”). One of the biggest hurdles to his system is the task of processing your inbox—the place(s) you […]