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“I’m just not a creative person” is a claim that plagues offices around the country. Are you someone who doesn’t feel creative? The truth is, creativity is a skill you can learn. Phil McKinney, former CTO of HP’s PC division and current innovation consultant, wrote a book on how to become an innovative person. He […]

There is plenty of talk about what YOU need to do to boost your productivity, but there is also a lot to be said about the condition of your environment and its effect on your mental state and therefore your productivity. It’s important to take a look at the conditions around your workspace, know what […]

The worst of the productivity killers is procrastination. Procrastination takes many forms, some of which are innocent: “Oh, I’ll have more focus to work on that in an hour.” Even with good intentions, your procrastination negatively affects your productivity. You are working around excuses instead of working through problems. It can be easy to beat, […]

Being productive is a learning process. Instinct will not carry you into an ideal schedule, workflow, or life management system. Along the way to achieving your productivity goals, you’re going to make mistakes. Instead of turning those mistakes into reasons to berate yourself, turn them into learning and growing experiences to learn the productivity ropes […]

Being productive requires a lot of motivation: you need to be motivated to stay on top of things, to complete implied (but necessary) tasks, and to power through the things you don’t want to do. There are all sorts of tricks to motivate yourself through different types of work. I’ve even recommended some ways to […]

David Allen’s GTD productivity system recommends a weekly review of all your tasks, projects, and obligations. Here on this blog I’ve also recommended reassessing your situation on a reasonably frequent, regular basis. Doing some sort of frequent review of your circumstances is not just a way to steal some of your time or help you […]