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Sometimes it’s not enough to simply do more to be more productive. Sometimes you need to change things up. Developing a new skill is a great way to add excitement to your day, and it will improve your productivity as well. A new skill can provide the variety you need to change up a monotonous […]

Even though we have all these great productivity tools, we still experience failure. Does that mean we need to pursue a new life path? No. Do we need a new productivity system? Not necessarily. Failure is normal, even expected. If you never failed at anything, you probably wouldn’t have the drive to continue accomplishing goals […]

Negativity reduces productivity. It is a depressor, a quality that diverts mental energy toward unproductive thinking. Think about a time when your thoughts turned negative during a project. Did the project take more time to complete than it should have? Did you finish without any sense of accomplishment? Did you come out of the project […]

Being productive is a learning process. Instinct will not carry you into an ideal schedule, workflow, or life management system. Along the way to achieving your productivity goals, you’re going to make mistakes. Instead of turning those mistakes into reasons to berate yourself, turn them into learning and growing experiences to learn the productivity ropes […]

You visit this blog for productivity insights and tips because you’re seeking that one elusive trick of the trade that will give you eternal productive success. Maybe you’re looking for the magic word that will make life simpler, or at least give you a stronger foothold on getting things done. You may have lost hope […]

Staying productive is difficult. Nobody can meet all expectations all the time, and missed deadlines and unmet goals are disappointing, to say the least. But dealing with those disappointments—and overcoming them—is a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right mindset, namely one that author Oren Harari calls disciplined optimism. Harari began his look at […]