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After the mid-afternoon slump around 2PM, you’re faced with an hour or two of good productive time. The problem is you know you’ll be heading home soon, and that makes it difficult to dive in to a new task. I’m recommending a daily ritual to keep you productive through the end of the work day. […]

This time of year is wonderful and stressful, entertaining and overwhelming. You suddenly have an overflowing to-do list and more social obligations than you have during the rest of the year combined. Today’s recommended ritual aims to give you a few minutes each day of mental rest and physical rejuvenation to help you through the […]

Your work environment significantly impacts your productivity. Some aspects of your environment are out of your control—your coworkers’ attitudes, for example, and sometimes the thermostat—but there are many things you can do to make your work more efficient and productive. One of those things is today’s recommended ritual: putting important things in important places. This […]

Email is disastrously convenient: Sending one is as easy as it gets, so we all end up receiving plenty more than we probably should. Inboxes can be clogged with hundreds of emails, and many of us develop compulsions to always be checking for new notes and constantly acting on what we find in our @somewhere.com […]

Last week I posted about productivity rituals, the sorts of efficiency-enhancing choices you make regularly until you don’t have to waste the brain power making the choice: it just happens. That first post recommended a few rituals to try, and today’s post highlights another, though not a daily one. Today’s recommended ritual is the weekly […]