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For those of us who struggle to relax “correctly,” planning out our down time might be a good solution. You’ll learn to give yourself the time and attention you need to reboot and refocus. Some might disagree with the idea of scheduling down time, but I believe that proper schedules can provide better down time—there […]

It seems as though this is the year of simplicity—maybe because this might be the last year for all of us, according to the Mayans—and everyone has tips to help you trim down, refocus, and actually enjoy life this year. But, even with impending doom hanging over our heads, we don’t need to give up […]

Life brings you lemons sometimes, and you can’t always be prepared to deal with the consequences: an accident, an extended visit from extended family, illness, etc. When our schedules and routines get disrupted by life events, we may take longer to get back in the swing of things than is necessary—we just don’t always know […]

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply do more to be more productive. Sometimes you need to change things up. Developing a new skill is a great way to add excitement to your day, and it will improve your productivity as well. A new skill can provide the variety you need to change up a monotonous […]

We often get to enjoy a break from working at some point during the holiday season. This break can be relaxing or hectic depending on how full you (and your family) fill your days. Either way, you should enjoy your time away from your day job so you can appreciate the holidays, spend quality time […]

We all try to manage our time and our schedules to manage getting everything done. As a result of your efforts, sometimes you even open new time slots in your schedule because you’re so efficient, and you’ll use those open slots to justify taking on more work, more responsibilities, and ultimately, more stress. More stress […]