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Some say that listening to music at work is an epidemic that is creating a more segregated, individualistic office atmosphere. However, if used properly, music can boost your productivity, ease your mind, and help you get through your day with a positive attitude. We’ve come up with six reasons to listen to music at work. […]

“Slow and steady wins the race.” I had the chance to watch a friend complete her first half marathon last weekend. While I was waiting at mile 10 to cheer her on to the finish, I couldn’t help but notice the running styles of those that went past. At the very front of the pack, […]

Breaks are an important element of your work day. To understand the reason why taking breaks at work is important, think about a scenario where you have to slam on your brakes in a car. This usually happens when your focus has drifted slightly from the road and from driving. Slamming on your breaks is […]

It’s spring: the flowers are coming up, the sun is coming out, there is new life all around you. This season is traditionally a time of new beginnings—a chance to refresh your outlook and your behaviors. New Year’s has come and gone, and let’s face it, reviewing your goals and plans for life only once […]

Life brings you lemons sometimes, and you can’t always be prepared to deal with the consequences: an accident, an extended visit from extended family, illness, etc. When our schedules and routines get disrupted by life events, we may take longer to get back in the swing of things than is necessary—we just don’t always know […]

You’ve heard this a thousand times or more: if you get more sleep, you’ll be healthier and happier. The topic has been beaten into the ground it’s discussed so much. And yet, is your sleep schedule optimal? I bet you still struggle with maintaining a routine and a schedule, and you often wake up ill […]