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Are you the superhero your company relies on to get things done? With the release of the new Marvel comic-based Avengers blockbuster, people are enthralled with the idea of superheroes. Which Avenger do you most identified with? The Hulk Known for his angry disposition and brute strength, the Hulk is basically unstoppable. As Dr. Banner, […]

So much of what we all do each day relies on other peoples’ work ethics. We have ten assignments to do, but five of them are on our “Waiting For” list. Sometimes it’s nice to know that we can’t work on an assignment until the person who has it is done with it, but other […]

Even though we have all these great productivity tools, we still experience failure. Does that mean we need to pursue a new life path? No. Do we need a new productivity system? Not necessarily. Failure is normal, even expected. If you never failed at anything, you probably wouldn’t have the drive to continue accomplishing goals […]

Working with a team on a project can be a frustrating experience, but collaborative efforts usually produce more extensive and well-rounded results. It’s important to understand how to be a part of a productive team, so that each team member feels proud of their efforts and pleased with the team’s results. Productive teamwork consists of […]

In just two days, stores will open their doors in the wee hours of the morning, prices will be slashed, and normal, kind people will turn into crazed shopaholics. The Black Friday shopping ritual is a tradition for so many people that even their turkey hangovers can’t keep them away. Even through the busyness and […]

One of Power.ME’s greatest features is its adaptability. It can accommodate everything from minimalist to-do list productivity to multilevel, large-group project management and everything in between. However, some of the customizable options for larger endeavors get lost in the shuffle. So if you’re looking for a better way to manage your Power.ME collaboration, even small-scale […]