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Power.ME’s new feature makes adding tasks and files a snap. You can add tasks and files to your Power.ME account by sending an email to your own Power.ME email address, which is unique to your account. You can find this email address on the Power.ME Web App in the drop down menu under your account […]

New Year’s is a great time to thin out . . . no, this is NOT another weight loss resolution. It’s a resolution to thin out your projects and commitments for the year. Before you make plans for improvement this year, evaluate the past twelve months and note the projects that were overwhelming, unnecessary, or […]

Why do you need a to-do list? This isn’t a question of how you carve through that list, how you get the tasks on the list done, or how you organize the list. Why do you have one in the first place? When you’re in the trenches, so to speak, it can be easy to […]

Most people in the business world have heard of, if not read, Good to Great by Jim Collins. In it Collins describes attitudes and practices that took good, so-so companies into realms of greatness. One of these great attributes was a rigorous hiring culture—but not a ruthless one. In the great companies Jim Collins describes, […]